How does laser cutting technology conquer OLED?

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         In the evolution of the mobile phone screen, we have heard LCD screen, hyperbolic screen, flexible screen and full screen. This year, Samsung and LG have declared to launch full screen phone. Full screen literally means that the front of the phone is a whole screen, and the four sides of the phone are designed with no borders. A screen will change not only the phone, but also the entire industry chain.

      Flexible AMOLED border bending will be the focus of full screen solution. With low power consumption and good visual effect, AMOLED is suitable for full screen. OLED screen can be very thin, which is suitable for mobile phone. In addition, due to the lack of rigid backlit layer and the maturity of the flexible plastic base, OLED also has great advantages on the flexible screens.

Abnormity cutting

        With the screen ratio larger and larger, the distance between screen borders and phone borders becomes smaller and smaller. However, close distance easily causes damages. Therefore, abnormity cutting technology is particularly important in full screen manufacturing. Generally speaking, abnormity cutting technology is to cut the screen according to different requirements like R Angle cutting, u-shaped slot cutting, C Angle cutting and so on. On the one hand, it does R Angle cutting or C Angle cutting on the corners of screen, adding a buffer foam to reinforce edges, in case of broken screen; on the other hand, it does u-shaped slot cutting on the top of screen to reserve space for the front-facing camera, distance sensor, receiver and other components.

         Except the shortage of a higher cost, laser cutting has many great advantages in cutting field like high precision, smooth cutting seam, high cutting speed. Therefore, laser cutting technology is expected to become the mainstream in the abnormity cutting field. So we need a large number of laser cutting devices to process full screen. HGLaser is experienced in screen cutting. For the OLED screen, we can cut off double glass materials quickly with smooth cutting edge and high precision.

Equipment recommendation: Glass Panel Super Fast Cutting Equipment


        This equipment was developed in response to the change of laser cutting in panel industry.

The device can be used for various glass panels, including single and double glazing products, such as: mobile phone panel, TFT panel, OLED panel etc.

The equipment adopts super fast cutting technology
—  High precision and power stability
—  High quality optical transmission
—  Processing area can be customized
—  Can be equipped with automatic loading and discharge system