The laser cutter takes you into the magical world of Harry Potter

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The first Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was officially published in London in 1997. Today, 20 years later, "Harry Potter" has become one of the best-selling novels in the world.

Movies, games, toys and comics derived from novels are also sold all over the world, and there are many Harry Potter exhibitions and theme parks, allowing fans to experience the charm of the magic world.

Don't have time to go to the exhibition? Wait a moment, the laser cutter machine will take you into the magic world of Harry Potter.

The express train to Hogwarts is the dream of every child. Through the 9 and 3/4 platforms and boarding the quaint steam train is the start of the magical journey

The tall and fat Hagrid is probably the most popular supporting role in Harry Potter. His cabin is located on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The simple stone house is the secret base of the Harry Potter trio.

Rowling's description of the golden snitch is mysterious, alert, smart, delicate and beautiful, and it is infinitely fascinating, so some designers have designed it into a ring box, which has good effect on proposal.

The magical animals in Harry Potter are a highlight. The eagle-headed winged Barbic, the nightingale that people who have experienced death can see, each animal is endowed with symbol of evil or dark, or strong or bravery.

These seemingly complex metal crafts, just use a laser cutter to cut the metal into the corresponding shape, follow the instructions to assemble, you can have all kinds of magical objects in the magic world~

In the metal handicraft industry, laser cutting machines have been widely used. Due to the thin cutting seam, smooth cutting surface and small thermal deformation processed by the laser cutting machine, it meets the high quality requirements of metal crafts, and only needs to introduce the pattern to process the finished product, saving material and cost. With a laser cutting machine, whether it is a magical world or a superhero, as long as you dare to imagine it can become a reality.