The new fashion: laser cutting metal sheet

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The material cut by the laser cutting machine is smooth and flat, and no other post-processing is needed after cutting, which saves further labor costs and processing costs, reduces various processing links, fast, and high cost performance, greatly improving production efficiency.


Compared with the traditional cutting method, laser cutting is not only low in price, low in consumption, but also has no mechanical stress on the workpiece, so the effect of cutting the product, the precision and the cutting speed are very good, and the maintenance is simple. In recent years, the development of laser cutting machines has been quite fast, and has gradually replaced traditional processes and become a trend in the metal processing industry.


Due to the unique processing advantages of laser processing and the significant reduction in processing costs, combined with a variety of flexible payment methods, more and more sheet metal processing companies, kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and automotive parts processing companies are increasingly using lasers cutting machine.


HGLaser has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in laser cutting machine development and application, and is a well-known laser cutting manufacturer in China. A variety of metal laser cutting machines have been introduced, which are called "fighters in cutting machines" with the advantages of high precision, high speed and high cost performance.