Laser marking PCB application program

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PCB marking machine is a model specially used for marking bar code, QR code and characters, graphics and other information on the PCB. It can automatically complete loading, taking board, positioning, marking, station switching, blanking and other processes can be combined with the SMT production line online operation, or with the automatic upper and lower board machine to form an offline workstation. The machine can realize the connection with the customer information system through the self-developed special software. The marking information is automatically generated by the software system and can also be received through the network.

Precision product structure:

1. The laser has a delicate sealing design, which can make the air pressure difference between the inside and the outside, and it is truly spotless

2. XY motion platform, drive the conveyor track, to meet the coding requirements of product size.

3. CCD positioning module, camera positioning to ensure the position accuracy of PCB coding.

4. Dust removal air outlet to ensure that the dust generated by the laser engraving is taken away to ensure the safety of the environment.

5. Adjustable wide track, to adapt to the PCB board within a certain size range, through software control, can be automatically adjusted.

 HGTECH  PCB  laser marking samples: