Application advantages of laser cutting technology in automobile manufacturing

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The automobile manufacturing industry is an industry where new technologies are very concentrated. Nowadays automobiles not only require practical performance, but also economical and beautiful. The replacement speed is increasing day by day. Traditional cutting methods have low efficiency and low precision, and it is difficult to meet the sophisticated cutting of modern automobile manufacturing Need and demand for low cost processing.

With the development of laser application technology, laser cutting technology is widely used in various aspects such as automobile parts, automobile bodies, automobile door frames, automobile trunks, automobile roof covers, etc., which basically covers all application fields of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Laser cutting technology is to complete the cutting by irradiating a high-energy laser beam on the surface of the workpiece and irradiating it to generate deformation. In combination with software, it can use CAD and other drawing tools to complete high-strength steel structures with complex profiles Component cutting to meet individual processing needs. Laser cutting is a very effective processing method from both a technical and economic perspective, and its advantages are very obvious:

Advantage 1: save production costs

The laser cutting process does not require a mold, which can save mold investment. The cut product has no extrusion deformation, and the quality of the processed product is good. No secondary grinding is required, unnecessary processing steps can be omitted, and production costs are reduced.

Advantage 2: improve production efficiency

The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine can reach 100 meters per minute. Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has higher positioning accuracy and faster cutting speed, which helps directly shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle, improve production efficiency, and shorten delivery time.

Advantage 3 :good cutting quality

It can accurately cut complex patterns with easy modification, small error, no burr on the cutting surface, better product quality, laser cutting machine is more flexible when cutting medium and small batches, large area and complex contour shapes.

Advantage 4: Large machining surface

The laser cutting equipment has a large processing area and can cut the entire board and nest. This is not easy for other processing equipment.

Advantage 5: low maintenance costs

The maintenance of mechanical products is very costly, and the laser cutting machine has stable performance, sturdy and durable, can work continuously, is not easy to be damaged, and has great advantages in terms of later maintenance costs.

As the leader of domestic laser technology, HGTECH has maintained good cooperation with many automobile manufacturers for a long time. The three-dimensional five-axis laser processing equipment developed for the automotive thermoforming line industry can solve the cutting and trimming of high-strength steel thermoformed parts. And other problems, high accuracy, fast speed, good dynamic performance, equipped with high-performance rotary table, can meet the automotive industry beat requirements.



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