FPC Laser Cutting Machine

    FPC Laser Cutting Machine

Features Parameter

FPC Flexible PCB Laser Cutting Machine

         Adopted with high-performance UV laser cold light source, high-precision CCD image positioning technology and self-developed visual laser control software, the FPC flexible PCB laser cutting machine of HGLASER perfectly implements contour cutting, drilling of FPC and PCB, and precision processing of composite membrane.


● Without models, one-step forming, save a lot of costs;
● Precision two-dimensional worktable and full closed-loop CNC system ensure the high precision of micron dimension;
● Position sensor and CCD image positioning technology;
● Automatic positioning and focusing system produce high efficiency.


         FPC Laser Cutting Machines are used for processing of FPC, PCB, rigid-flex board, FR4 and cover film ,etc.

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Laser Source

355 nm UV


10 W

Coaxial Video Positioning


Scan Range

60×60 mm

Focused Spot Diameter

<20 um (UV Laser)

Auto Focus System

Z axis auto focus

Focus Control Precision

0.01 mm

Main structure configuration

X-Y Working Platform

Ac servo motor


High-precision granite platform

Travel Range

300×400 (Optional size range)

Platform Motion Resolution

0.5 um

Overall Control System


Assisted Control System

Mitsubishi PLC

CCD Lighting Source

620 nm red light LED

External Auxiliary Device

Negative pressure air blower, dusting system

Processing Characteristics

Processing Size Range

360×460 mm

Min Linear Width

20 um

Stitching Accuracy

±5 um

Scanning Head Correction Accuracy

±5 um

X-Y Table Correction Accuracy

±4 um

CCD Matching Accuracy

7 μm

Processing Accuracy

±4 micrometers

Processing Thickness

<1 mm

Environmental Conditions

Power Supply

AC 220V±10%,50HZ,1P,3KVA


Customize to the needs

Document Format

DXF, GBR, etc.

Environment Temperature

15-30°(constant temperature for high precision)

Environment Humidity




Mainframe Size

1350mm(W) ×1050mm(D) ×1950(H)

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