Phoenix CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    Phoenix CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Features Parameter

When the first Phoenix was built for Farwest Steel in 1992, it was immediately hailed as a world breakthrough in precision profiling. The Phoenex has continued to evolve and to this day and still remains firmly at the top of its class, as the most accurate and most productive plasma system available. The secret of this machine is that it has been designed with one aim in mind, to get the most accurate plasma cutting combined with high speed and productivity. The implementation of such an aim took the full skills of Farley’s engineering and production departments.The Phoenix is Superior to all othe machines for the following reasons.


Strength and Precision

The Rail System

The Phoenix uses a very heavy duty trapezoidal rail system that provides over eight times the stability of the competitive systems and more than twice that of our other rail systems used on other Farley machines.

The Drive System

The Phoenix uses the twin-pinion drive system similar to that used on the Farley Plateworking systems and other high precision gantry type milling machines. The system virtually eliminates backlash and at the same time averages out any track or

rack imperfections. This drive system is powered by 3.5kW [5HP] AC servos.

The Beam Structure

In keeping with the basic design philosophy of all Farley machines, the beam and the side or and trucks are all fabricated as one piece, stress relieved and than machined.

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Technical Parameter
Profiling Speed Up to 20m/min
Traverse speed Up to 30m/min(1200ipm)
Acceleration Up to 0.7m/s2
Accuracy  +/- 0.15mm (0.006")
Repeatibility  +/- 0.075mm (0.003")
Bearing Linear Bearings on Precision Round-ways
Rail High-Rigidity
Drive System Rack & Twin Pinion, Bcklash Free Enclosed Gearbox with 3.5 KW AC Servos in both Axes
CNC Farley PDF32
Screen 17" Touch
Communication Ethernet LAN,USB
Cutting Width 2.5m,~10m
Cutting Length 3m~50m (10'~160')
Material Thickness 1mm ~ 100mm (0.04" ~ 4")
Torch Carriage Up to 8
Tools per Carriage Up to 4
Slave Carriage Up to 7
Tool Options
Plasma  400amp
Oxy/fuel LPG/Acetylene/Natural Gas
Bevel Cutting  +/-45 degree
Marking Plasma/Indent/Powder/Inkjet/Engraving/Centre Spot Dril

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